The remodel

we closed on May 11 th and the work began. Our goal was to have it all done by our move in date June 8 th. contractors and subs thought we were crazy. But when you are pregnant with 5 kids and a woman it is pretty impressive how you can get these guys to get working and efficiently! It was all done by June 15 th except for painting and some final touches! So we lived through not having a kitchen for about a week but all said and done we did it! 

Dan headed up what was needed to be done first. Renting a 6 foot dumpster was a must and so the demo began. Ripping out flooring all carpets.Baseboards and a lovely mirrored wall. Chandeliers came down. Old fans and the entire kitchen demod. 

These are the before pictures. So all the pink and blue carpets and popcorn ceilings were taken out. The fireplace was torned down carefully to expose the old brick too.  



   Now for the demo pics! 

 Now for the remodel pics. 


 Kitchen-cabinets,countertops and gas range! A must:)    

   It was worth all the craziness and the busted jobs. The things dan had to redo ( all the caulking in the world!) I don’t think we would do it again though.  A full remodel is a ton and we haven’t even touched our backyard! 


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