Thanksgiving and Christmas 2015 all in one

It has been a bit of time since I posted. Life I guess! Busy days and working nights lead to blogs left unattended. I decided to make this one short and sweet with some pictures of the family and friends. 

We drove to Phoenix for thanksgiving and hit the Wintering and Speier side all in one. We got to see some close friends too! Typically our Phoenix trips are event filled since there are so many to see but we had fun and kids enjoyed their time too. They are troopers in the drive and only 6 week old Wesley did great too!

People always ask Dan and I how we travel and do it with the kiddos. I think the answer is…… We just do it! We commit to making the effort despite worrying about the 5 hour drive and since we started them traveling at an early age they are all great in the car! They entertain themselves with books, writings and games. Gianna also helped with little Wesley in the back too! 
So here is our trip in a nutshell…… 


Little Jason Maschue holding Wesley😘


Yummy smores with the wintering fam 


Nona and the cousins! 

Aunt Britt getting her full of chubby guy     

Our favorite camel Clyde!! 

Lili holding Wesley for the 1st time! 


For Christmas we enjoyed the time as a family and had Travis Stephanie  and Charlotte make a New Years trip! 

Kids enjoyed their break playing with new toys and warm fires with no school!

Some fun times with neighbors and friends…..

Our Goddaughter little Charlotte   

La Jolla sunset with cousin Charlotte! 

Thank you uncle trav and aunt Steph for super cool pajamas!👍🏼❤️


Adele learning to skate!

Melia our 5 th daughter!! Our neighbor who is 12 and comes over every day! We just adore her! 


Cooking our favorite Wintering cookie recipes! 

Our little dancer Adele   

Vivs turn this year!    

This had to be captured. Tolton cracks us up!

Thanks to Aunt Ronda for the best stockings ever!!!     

Classic moment with Mama G. Wilhelmina couldn’t handle Santa this year! 


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