Another adventure and this time we are moving “home”

Well after 2 full years in San Diego and the west coast we decided to move back “home” to Charlotte! 

We have had some really fun times on the west coast with visits from family and friends to have their fun summer vacas on the San Diego beaches, to Disneyland, legoland,Sea world and everything in between. 

We bought a fixer upper and completely remodeled it which was an experience of a lifetime and even had a baby here. 

But it has come time to move back to what we consider our home…… Charlotte!

Despite us moving from most of our extended family we never did fill grounded here in San Diego. It just wasn’t for us. Everything that the southeast offers and Charlotte in general we surely missed these passed 2 years. 

An opportunity came knocking when the hospital I had worked at called and asked if I’d consider returning.  After 6 months of phone calls and discussions it is becoming reality!  Our trip starts the 1 St of June and we will all be heading back east in spurts but within a week be all together in our home we were able to purchase as well when we get there!

So here is to the many memories of what San Diego offered us these 2 years! It has been great, a good learning experience and our family unit is even closer because of it all. Our kids are so excited for the move and Dan and I cannot wait. 

We will send a blast email with our new address once we get settled and on the ground! 
And by all means………y’all invited anytime!!!



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