Our other blog- www.thewinterings.blogspot.com is where you can see all the happenings of our little family thus far!

We decided to try a new look- a new face – a new page and hopefully an easier way to upload posts via iPHONE!

A little about us:

Dan is my husband. He rarely will write on this blog. If he does- you can guarantee there will be some heads that turn,  faces that blush but mostly he is a man who keeps you honest and loves his family and his wife unconditionally! He is a basketball coach by trade, amazing father and quite the man of all trades.

Erika is the one typing.  A mom of 5  and she never knew she could feasibly have 5 kids in under 6 years, but God surpasses all! She loves her husband and adores her kids. She enjoys updating the blog to someday print it all out as memories of our family and give it to the great kids they have.  She is a full time Nurse Practitioner and loves her job. Thankfully she has an amazing husband who can be at home with the crew while she continues to pursue her dream.

Our kiddos: Gianna Rose, Tolton Augustus, Vivienne Camille,Adele Marceen and Wilhelmina Marie
are why we are here on this earth! We adore you all and cannot wait for you all to one day look back on these moments and laugh, cry and enjoy what wild ride you created for your Mom and Dad!


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