Easter 2015

we had a really nice Easter this year.  Cole came in town and Justin and Brittany newly pregnant and boasting of newlywed energy joined us in Easter baking and dying eggs! 

Kids sure had a treat. Christ has Risen! 


Better late than never! 

Well it has been forever since I posted. I wanted to get our Christmas pictures in here but life just keeps getting in the way. 

To keep it brief and to the point we did Christmas at our place and the Wintering crew came as well as the Cali Speiers. It was a real beautiful one. Dan once again did it up with the Christmas dinner and having Dad. grandma Katie. Uncle Cole, uncle Justin and Aunt “honeybee” aka Brittany, Mama G aunt Coreen and uncle Alec was all the kids could ask for! 

It was so nice to spend Christmas with both sides of the family! We also got to watch Uncle Alec play against USD and make the winning shot! 

Here are most all the pics in no specific order! 

Welcome Aunt Honeybee to the Fam!!

Justin finally tied the knot!!!

We welcomed Brittany into our family on Dec 13 th 2014 and the wedding was sure fun. Seeing the Speier and Pagninis as well as meeting the new side to the family sure was an event filled weekend. 

Here are just a few of the pictures from their wedding! Congratulations Justin and Brittany! 

Travis. Steph and Charlotte

they love eachother

Happy 5th birthday Viv!!!!

Vivvy Happy 5 th birthday little girl!!!
We cannot believe you are only 5!!! Ha. Your personality is second to none. We are a bit worried of what we will be dealing with in 10 years but for now we will take the comments and laugh. 10 years from now……that might be a different story!!
A bit about you…..
– people constantly tell us that daddy will have his hands full when you’rein high school! Ha
– you absolutely love playing with your sister Gianna and cannot get enough of her
-you love to sing and dance
– you are Doing really well in school and are quite an expressionist!
– you are very emotional and really don’t like it when daddy jokes with you! 😁
– you are way fearful of heights
– you have the best eye lashes out there and a killer smile
– you are a big love bug. You give the best hugs and love to cuddle!
– you we so reverent in mass

We love you and wish you a very Happy 5 th birthday!
Love mommy and daddy





Happy 1st bday Wilhelmina !!!

Our little baby Will turned one!!!

: a couple of little tidbits about our little “Mina”
– you just love your daddy and say his name but not mommies just yet
– you think licking your siblings feet is hilarious
– you can pull yourself to stand but can’t walk just yet
– you love to take your long naps and usually go right to bed ( thank you God!)
– you love your little monkey which actually has been around since Gianna slept with it!
– you are still fearful of anyone and everyone until they warm up to you!
– you love to hear your own voice especially at mass!
– your siblings adore you
– you have the craziest and loveliest curls out there
– you enjoy hanging out with your doggy expo
– you and Adele share a room and sometimes you like to keep her up by “talking a lot”
– you were born in Charlotte and it was the craziest birthing experience for your mommy ever!
– your Godparents are Uncle John and Aunt Stephanie.
– your mommy and daddy say all the time ” oh she’s just sooo cute”
– we all love you to pieces!

Happy 1 st birthday little Will !!!!